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Values and beliefs

Our shared values are at the core of the DIGITALL culture. To truly embrace and live these values, we do our best to embody them in our daily lives at the company. This is why we created the DIGITALL ACT! beliefs.

They are the guiding principles in how we achieve our goals, interact with each other and collaborate and thus help us to turn our values into practice with a thriving, living and healthy company culture.


The fundamentals of our culture are our DIGITALL values. They are our goals for a healthy work environment, trusting relationships and a culture that allows for individuals to come together and achieve greatness as a team.


We act in a trustworthy and responsible manner. We communicate openly and transparently with everyone. We put words into action and keep our promises. Each and every one of us takes responsibility.


We are committed to excellence and teamwork. We strive to achieve the best results for our customers. To do so, we collaborate together as a team and support each other. We empower our people to do a great job.


We respect individuality and cherish diversity. We appreciate, tolerate and attend to the needs of every single individual. At the same time, we are committed to our success as a team. As an international and multicultural company, we are united by the strengths of our diverse team and environment.


We embrace innovation and growth. We are creative and like to explore new fields. We experiment and strive for the best results. We think out of the box and our approach is geared towards progress. By releasing our potential, sharing knowledge and experience, we drive our own and the company's growth as a healthy organization.

Our Act!

We are what we believe. Our ACT! beliefs help us to bring our values into life and define how we act, grow as a team and work towards achieving our common goals. Our ACT! beliefs stand for Appreciation, Clarity and Trust.


We value every member of the DIGITALL team and empower them to perform their best. We create an adaptive and fair working environment that respects individual differences and fosters personal growth. We appreciate entrepreneurship and encourage innovation spirit.


We set smart and clear goals and follow roadmaps that outline the direction in which our business is heading. Clear communication allows us to manage expectations, share knowledge and collaborate in achieving our shared long-term goals.​ We are inspired by the pursuit of excellence and driven by the value we create for our customers and partners.


We become trusted partners to our customers by building strong partnerships based on mutual respect and professional credibility. Our team believes that success is a collective effort, and thus, we nurture a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement to move ahead together.

Want to join and share our values?

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