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For strong customer relationships in the digital age

Telecommunication and utility customers no longer stay with one provider. Nowadays, they can select individual offerings from different providers at any time. Therefore, a customer-centric view is essential to understand each customer’s individual journey. To be a market leader, you need to offer the right services on the right channels at the right time.

DIGITALL develops strategies to optimize the digital experience of your customers and enable you to individualize their journey across all channels. Build agile organizational structures, digital platforms and develop new business models.

Customer service is key to building loyalty. Make a difference with automated self-service options for 24/7 support and a 360° customer view that allows your employees to proactively address problems.

DIGITALL develops digital platforms for marketing, sales and service to create a consistent customer experience with focus on conception, technical implementation, software and system integration.

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Telco Services & Solutions

Digital Journey
for Telco Services

We support you with Big Data solutions, AI-driven automation and optimize consumer experience. Enable your teams with telco solutions for marketing, sales, and services.

With DIGITALL you can digitalize your B2C and B2B journey management based on Salesforce Industry and Oracle solutions. Create personalized customer journeys supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and customer analytics, including chatbots and fully digitalized process automation.

Increase marketing, sales, and service efficiency with digital process automation and AI. Benefit from a wide variety of solutions for your employees and consumers with:

  • Next best experience
  • Retention
  • Order management
  • CPQ
  • Self-service optimization
  • Reactive and proactive services

Transform your legacy IT systems to a sustainable cloud-native IT architecture for more flexibility, transparency, and mobility.

  • IT transformations based on TM Forum standards
  • Cloud migration of your telco infrastructure
  • Omni-channel architecture
  • Decoupling and continuous modernization of legacy applications and services
  • Micro-service architecture based on REST (Representational State Transfer) principles
  • Onshore, Managed Services and outsourcing for competitive pricing

We apply the Full SAFe solution approach (Scaled Agile Framework) for telecommunications, which reduces complexity, increases productivity and offers more transparency.

  • Full SAFe capabilities including Portfolio, Large Solution and Essential Level
  • Increase productivity and time-to-market with agile project delivery, including CI/CD pipelining
  • Reduce complexity by decomposing demands