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Step up to the next level of technology

Dedicated employees with know-how and expertise form the foundation of every company and empower it to reach its goals and vision. But building a great team to drive digital transformation, innovation and progress takes time and effort. With rapidly growing market and customer demands, companies often face the challenge of finding the right resources to achieve this.

As your partner, DIGITALL is ready to support you with services to expand your technological capabilities, expertise and resources. Our highly qualified experts bring in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies and methodologies and deliver the right solution for your business needs quickly and efficiently.

Our service models such as staff augmentation, extended workbench and Managed Services are tailored to your projects and projects requirements. With the help of the right expertise and resources by DIGITALL, your company can grow faster and reach its full potential without additional effort and costs.

Our technology services are based on three main components:

  • Dedicated development and operations center
  • Captive center
  • Staff augmentation

Dedicated Development & Operations Center

The Dedicated Development and Operations Center is an excellent opportunity to enhance your business with a team of highly skilled professionals from different responsibility models to meet your requirements and needs, whether in external or internal project management.

  • Task-driven model
  • Extended workbench
  • Managed Service model
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Captive Center

As an experienced Nearshore provider, DIGITALL is responsible for building a fully operative nearshore software development center where we set up, optimize and run an IT or business process service delivery operation until it reaches satisfactory maturity for full transfer of ownership.

  • Office & infrastructure
  • Ramp-up
  • Performance and career management
  • Trainings and certifications
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Staff Augmentation

DIGITALL allows you to strategically extend your in-house teams with additional skills required for the delivery of specific projects. The complete team, tasks and project management are fully controlled by you. Our expert teams stand by your side and cover delivery bottlenecks. Additionally, you gain the flexibility to meet strict timelines and fulfil other project requirements.

  • Easy scale-up & scale-down on demand
  • Integration with internal processes
  • Reducing price-quality ratio in the delivery teams
  • Access a variety of technical skills
  • Meet aggressive project timelines
  • Flexibility
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