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Refer a friend and get a bonus. Find the best position for your friend.

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We are looking for the right people to jump aboard and join our team. Do you know someone who would be interested?

Our Refer a Friend program awards employees, partners, customers and other parties for recommending DIGITALL as an employer.

Every hire of an expert for any of the open positions on will bring you a bonus (see terms below).

Refer a friend and take the DIGITALL journey together. Because success is best when it’s shared.

How does it work?

Do you have a friend who seems like a great fit for DIGITALL? Recommend them for one of our open positions eligible for the Refer a Friend program.

If DIGITALL ends up hiring the person, you will receive a bonus (read the terms below).

It’s easy

  1. Find the best position for your friend here and submit their CV in the respective referral form or at [email protected]
  2. If your friend meets the job requirements, our HR team will get into contact with them within 5 business days.
  3. In case your friend gets hired, you'll get a bonus (and you’ll make your friend happy).

It's a win-win.

And the best part is that you can recommend as many friends as you wish and get rewarded for each referral who gets hired.


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How high are the bonuses?

IT Delivery Roles

for a Junior position 

2000 €

(0-2 years of relevant experience)

for a Standard position 

3000 €

(2-5 years of relevant experience)

for a Senior position 

5000 €

(5+ years of relevant experience)

Corporate Roles

for a Junior / Standard position

1000 €

(0-2 years of relevant experience)

for a Team Lead / Senior position

2000 €

(2-5 years of relevant experience)

for a Director / Management position

5000 €

(5+ years of relevant experience)


At DIGITALL we don’t just deliver technology – we deliver the future! We are explorers, knowledge-hunters, tech geeks, problem solvers and game changers who want to inspire and be inspired. Our DIGITALL people are always one step forward: working with top-notch technologies, creating innovations ahead of the market trends, sharing the passion for discovering better ways. 

As a human-centric organization, our teams are built on mutual respect and open communication, allowing everyone to be authentic, express ideas and unleash their potential. We are proud of our DIGITALL bright minds and never stop developing their skills to keep pushing boundaries together and do what we love. 
DIGITALL operates on a global scale with over 1,500 employees across 28 offices in 13 countries located in Europe and North America. 


1. Candidates for referral must be submitted through or [email protected].               

2. All positions at DIGITALL are eligible for Refer a Friend by default. Once the application is submitted, the Talent Acquisition Team will confirm eligibility for bonuses.

3. If one candidate is submitted by several referrers, the valid referral is the one submitted first via or [email protected].

4. If the referred candidate has been in process with DIGITALL for the same or another position through another channel during the last six months already, they will not be considered as a referral.

5. If candidates meet the job requirements for the position, our HR team will contact them within 5 business days after submission.

6. Existing employees are not considered referrals.

7. People cannot refer themselves.

8. Each referral is only eligible for one bonus.

9. Recommending one person for two or more positions does not lead to multiple payments.

10. 25% of the referral amount is payable within 6 weeks after commencement at DIGITALL, the remaining part (75%) is payable after 6 months of successful employment of the referral at DIGITALL.

11. Referrers eligible for bonuses will receive an additional call from our team with additional instructions on how to get their bonus.

12. Participation in the Refer a Friend bonus program is possible only for DIGITALL employees, but not for external individuals and agencies.

13. The amounts displayed are gross amounts and subject to taxation.

14. DIGITALL is not obligated to hire a referral.

 15. DIGITALL will conduct interviews only with those referred candidates who meet the job requirements and will also extend employment offers only to suitable candidates.

16. DIGITALL is not required to pay bonuses when the above requirements are not fulfilled.

17. The bonuses are in EUR and will be converted and paid in your respective currency.

18. The members of DIGITALL Extended Management are invited to refer candidates and are eligible for bonuses but are excluded from receiving prizes from special campaigns related to the Refer a Friend program.  

19. The members of the DIGITALL Leadership team are not eligible for Refer A Friend bonus payments.