Quality Policy

The Quality Management Policy (QMP) is aligned with Digitall Nature business strategy, local regulations and legislation and contractual requirements. The main goals of this policy are:

  • To ensure provision of the needed resources for development and implementation of effective Quality Management System (QMS), as part of the Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • To ensure quality management is considered in all company activities
  • Appropriate to the purpose and context of the company and supports its strategic direction
  • To provide a framework for setting specific and measurable quality objectives
  • To ensure that management and employees are committed to continual improvement of the quality management system
  • Ensure compliance with standards, contracts and legislative requirements

This Policy is applied to the entire Quality Management System (QMS), as defined in the IMS Scope Document. Users of this document are all managers and employees of Digitall Nature. Relevant external parties (clients, suppliers, partners, contractors) are also target audience to the extent of topics related with them.

Policy Principles

  • Risk based thinking – to identify all risks and opportunities associated with the various QMS processes
  • customer focus
  • leadership
  • engagement of people
  • process approach
  • improvement
  • evidence-based decision making
  • relationship management

Digitall Nature believes in the concept of Customer and Supplier working together in pursuing this policy and continually striving for improvements in service quality.

Following this Quality Policy, we are committed to operate our Company under the disciplines and control of a Quality Management System conforming to the international standard ISO 9001:2015, planned and developed jointly with our other management functions.

Our company will constantly review and improve our services to ensure our processes are managed in the most effective and efficient way for the benefit of our all customers.

We are all committed to operate continuously the QMS and its implementation, conducting official management review and confirming the adequacy of this Policy at least once per year, in order to express our continual commitment with it.