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For an Innovative Digital Citizen Journey

The EU members have long realized the potential and benefits of providing trusted, secure, accessible and effective services to the general public. Building a modern digital society aligned with the European Digital Strategy has become the main objective for all government institutions and service providers.

Based on our vast technology experience, we have identified the major enablers for a successful digital transformation – hybrid cloud, citizen UX, cyber security and electronic ID.

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In order to provide highly available and secure services, we have our focus on building cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to meet the needs of the public sector.

As a company born in the cloud, we strongly believe in implementing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions.

We have even gone one step further by building our own datacenter and cloud infrastructure for enabling the latter offerings.

All this allows us to deliver premium consulting and support for government institutions on their cloud journey.

We realize that citizens demand easy-to-use, intuitive and efficient ways for interacting with government institutions. To fulfill that demand, we partner with the most renowned vendors of AI solutions such as IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Moreover, we bring proven experience in the digitalization of administrative services, acquired through the delivery of e-Form and e-Register solutions.

The interoperable electronic identity is a cornerstone in the digital transformation journey for all governments. Added security, building more inclusive EU society, generating economies at scale and reducing administrative costs are just some of the artefacts of the eID solution. Moreover, DIGITALL’s approach to electronic identity addresses the associated challenges in terms of scalability and compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

Public services are increasingly moving online to enable a better experience for citizens and improve government efficiency and transparency. The digitalization process facilitates data access and sharing, but also comes with new risks and attack vectors, which require the adoption of new and relevant security measures. In addition, the sensitivity of the processed information calls for a new generation of mature and sophisticated cyber security policies, processes and tools to comply with global and local regulations and build trust in society.

We respond to these challenges by embracing the power of content-driven protection (e.g. DLP) combined with a Security Operations Center, which provides complete visibility and the ability to act instantly when incidents occur, and in many cases – prevent incidents before they even happen.