Lyubomir Tulev from DIGITALL presented an XDR Security platform in action at the IBM Security Summit EMEA in Madrid.

Frankfurt, Germany - June 15, 2023

As an IBM Business Partner, DIGITALL had the honor to join the Security Summit EMEA 2023 which was organized by IBM and brought together selected partners, executives, and industry leaders to discuss the latest technology trends and developments in the field. DIGITALL's top cyber security expert Lyubomir Tulev talked about threat detection and response in an insightful presentation and showcased the company’s expertise of building a modern Security Operation Centre based on the XDR concept with the QRadar Suite Portfolio.

The Security Summit was held in a hybrid form at the IBM Innovation Studio in Madrid and via an online stream on the 7th and 8th of June 2023. It featured keynote speeches from Cyber Security leaders and IBM executives, as well as panel discussions and portfolio sessions on topics such as Data Security, Threat Management, Managing Risk and Understanding Threats, Identity and Access Management, and Attack Surface Management. The event was developed to help security sellers and experts expand their competence in these areas and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Lyubomir Tulev, Director Cyber Security Services at DIGITALL, joined the second day of the Security Summit to share useful insights and experience in partnering and working together with IBM for client success. In his presentation, he showcased DIGITALL’s expertise in deploying the all-in-one XDR approach with the IBM QRadar Suite platform and showed the solution in action. As part of his talk, Lyubomir pointed out that “today, the main differentiator of the Managed SOC service is time. Time to detect, time to react, and time to respond to Cyber Security incidents.” In an example, he presented a customer success story of establishing a completely new Security Operation Center that resulted in 15-times faster queries searches, 78% fewer false positives, and a significant increase in the security maturity of the company.

Lyubomir outlined that every business requires a customized security solution tailored to its own unique needs. “Our vision is to be a trustful partner who can take on the management and ownership of everything when it comes to Threat Detection and Incident Response delivered by our certified experts who have huge experience and wide Cyber Security knowledge because hackers only have to be good at finding a vulnerability and exploiting it, but we, we have to be good at everything to protect our customers.”

For more information, please visit DIGITALL’s Cyber Security portfolio.


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