Corporate Social Responsibility


The initiative is part of DIGITALL’s commitment to fighting the climate crisis.

Sofia/Bulgaria - November 30, 2022

On November 19, 2022, DIGITALL organized its first reforestation initiative and planted 70 trees in the beautiful Vitosha mountain as part of its commitment to combating climate change. This action is another step towards sustainability the company makes, after earlier this year DIGITALL signed The Climate Pledge and agreed to regular reporting, carbon elimination and credible offsets in the pursuit of net-zero carbon by 2040.

„Growing in a sustainable way is one of the main priorities our leadership team has set since the very establishment of the company. We believe that every step in the right direction can lead to a better, greener future for everyone. That is why we’ve been taking proactive measures to combat the climate crisis and reforestation is one of them’’, stated Simeon Nachev, SVP Microsoft BizApps Services & Global ESG Lead. He continues, “Our first reforestation initiative in Sofia was a great success and we’re planning further initiatives in other locations.”

DIGITALL’s reforestation initiative was part of the Volunteering Days at DIGITALL that are run by the company’s ESG/CSR Circle and take place each month in various countries and locations where the company has offices. Within the Volunteering Days, the DIGITALL team takes part in various community service projects, and everyone is invited to join us as a volunteer.

„We believe that setting a personal example and taking care of the environment is possible every day. Each one of us can turn from a “volunteer for a day” into an “ambassador” of the green idea and regularly contribute to keeping our planet clean’’, comments Yuliya Kostadinova, ESG Coordinator at DIGITALL. “We would like to thank all our colleagues and their families who joined our reforesting initiative in November and helped restore the biodiversity in the location near Yarlovo village in the Vitosha mountain. It’s great to see parents raising socially responsible children and encouraging them to volunteer by setting a personal example.”



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