Corporate Social Responsibility


This Christmas, we continued our tradition of supporting various social causes and went on a heartwarming journey of giving – from charity bazaars to spreading joy with the "Christmas Stars" campaign.

Frankfurt/Germany - January 24th, 2024

Throughout 2023, we ran a lot of initiatives with the idea to make a positive impact on our planet, society, and the generations to come. United by the resonating motto #DOGOOD, we planted trees, adopted beehives, and engaged in community clean-ups across many locations in Europe.

Our volunteering effort reached its peak during the enchanting pre-Christmas period, as we orchestrated a symphony of charity events supporting diverse social causes. Whether hosted locally in our DIGITALL hubs across Europe or carried out on a company-wide level across all offices, all these initiatives had one thing in common: to foster a spirit of giving and sharing.

Christmas Charity Bazaars

It has already become a tradition for us at DIGITALL to organize Christmas charity bazaars and donate the raised money to noble causes and non-profit organizations. So, we continued this delightful tradition across our multiple hubs for another year in a row.

We kicked off the festive season with the charity bazaar in our Burgas hub, where our colleagues raised the bar high with tempting homemade delights. Shortly after, our Plovdiv team took up the baton and hosted a local event with delicious homemade sweets, cookies, and desserts. Next on the agenda was Karlsruhe, followed by Sofia, where our colleagues reached new heights with their stunningly delicious and beautifully decorated homemade treats and pastries. Amidst shared laughter and the warmth of the Christmas spirit, we enjoyed homemade treats and raised funds that we will donate to two daycare centres for children with special needs in Bulgaria and one local foodbank in Germany.


Christmas Stars Campaign

In the spirit of sharing and giving, we joined the "Christmas Stars" campaign, marking the fifth year of our participation and involvement with the Support for Children and Adults Foundation. In the true spirit of Christmas, our diverse team became Santas for children with special needs, bringing to life their heartfelt wishes. It was a source of immense joy for us to witness our efforts bringing smiles to the faces of around 200 children and keeping the magic of Christmas alive in their hearts.

At DIGITALL, we believe that small acts of kindness ripple into waves of positive change. As we reflect on 2023, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Here's to another year of embracing the magic of giving and sharing, as we continue to be the architects of a brighter and more compassionate future for all.


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