Corporate Social Responsibility


With the "Adopt a hive"-initiative, DIGITALL supports European beekeepers and adopts company hives to help preserve biodiversity.

Sofia/Bulgaria - August 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce that as our next step in fostering environmental sustainability, we have joined the "Adopt a hive" program and committed ourselves to supporting sustainable beekeeping practices. By adopting three hives in Bulgaria, which are home to over 180,000 bees, we are recognizing the crucial role of bees in maintaining ecological balance and preserving local biodiversity.

Simeon Nachev, SVP Microsoft BizApps Services & Global ESG Lead at DIGITALL expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative: "We strongly believe that embracing sustainable practices is essential to building a better future. By adopting these beehives, we are taking a significant step towards preserving our environment and promoting biodiversity. We hope to inspire others to make sustainability a priority and contribute to the well-being of our planet."

Launched in 2019, 'Adopt a hive' is a corporate social responsibility program (CSR) dedicated to beekeeping and the cause of honeybees. It provides guaranteed support to European beekeepers and encourages them to increase the bee population in their region. By taking part in the program, we are joining a network of over 120 organizations that are committed to promoting beekeeping and enhancing ecosystem restoration. 

By becoming a hive adopter, not only will we be helping to protect bees, but we will also be able to enjoy the contents of the adopted hives by receiving regular deliveries of fresh honey to our corporate offices. In addition, our DIGITALL employees will have the opportunity to experience the world of bees firsthand. We will visit the apiaries and take part in team-building activities, including meetings with the beekeepers and talks on beekeeping. As a next step, we plan to further support the program by adopting more hives in other European countries.

And that is not all. Inspired by the idea of saving bees and preserving biodiversity, we are running a company-wide photo competition using the hashtag #BeeDIGITALL. All DIGITALL employees are invited to take part by sharing photos of nature on their social media and be rewarded with a jar of honey straight from our company hives.

We are delighted to support the 'Adopt a hive' mission as it is fully in line with our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we at DIGITALL are actively involved in various initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability. Recently, we joined the United Nations Global Compact and committed to support the goals of sustainable development. In 2022, our company signed the Climate Pledge, a joint environmental initiative of Amazon and Global Optimism, and agreed to pursue carbon reduction activities including regular reporting, carbon elimination and credible offsets. Also in 2022, we organized a reforestation initiative as part of our corporate efforts to address the climate crisis and make a lasting contribution to a greener and healthier future.



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