In a joint event, both companies showcased their successful collaboration in driving cyber security awareness based on the Proofpoint Awareness platform and DIGITALL’s expert Security Services.

Sofia/Bulgaria - March 1st, 2024

On February 28, we hosted an insightful live event with our partner Proofpoint at DIGITALL’s office in Sofia to mark our collaboration. Under the title "Next-Level Security Awareness with Proofpoint and DIGITALL Expert Services", the event highlighted our powerful synergy in driving cyber security awareness through Security Awareness Trainings based on the Proofpoint Awareness platform, enhanced by DIGITALL’s expert Security Services.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to elevating security awareness through innovative solutions. Proofpoint, recognized as a key player in cyber security, brings its acclaimed Security Awareness platform to the table, boasting six consecutive years as a Gartner Leader in the Magic Quadrant in Security. This platform, renowned for its sustainable results in online education tailored to individual vulnerabilities, roles and competencies, serves as a cornerstone for advancing organizational defense against cyber threats by changing the behavior and mindset of employees, as well as tracking performance and metrics.

Our Cyber Security team leverages Proofpoint's proven platform, significantly enhancing its value proposition with services by our experts that further customize and utilize the full capabilities of the awareness program. As we prefer our customers to speak for us, we extended an invitation to Amusnet, a leading provider in the gaming and casino industry, to join us at the event and share their firsthand experience with the Security Awareness Trainings of Proofpoint and DIGITALL.

The customer’s feedback was particularly rewarding for us as it demonstrated very tangible results. Amusnet appreciated especially the substantial improvement in reaction to phishing emails and a noticeable shift in security mindset and culture within just seven months as the understanding of information security gradually grew. They placed great value also on the open and supportive collaboration with our team, which gave them the confidence and guidance they needed along the way.

Amusnet's success story is a testament to the critical impact of our collaborative partnerships and personalized support in driving substantive change within organizations. Proofpoint and DIGITALL share a mutual commitment to understanding the human element in cyber security, ensuring that our solutions not only incorporate cutting-edge technology but also resonate with the needs and psychology of the people who use them. Together, we are not just safeguarding data, but also championing a cultural shift towards a more secure and resilient digital landscape.

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