DIGITALL leadership inspires and connects with employees during a global tour to various company locations across Europe and North America.

Frankfurt/Germany - July 6, 2023

At the beginning of this years' summer and as a sign of unity and commitment, the leadership team of DIGITALL embarked on a journey across various company locations to connect with employees and talk about the company. This DIGITALL-wide tour was named "DIGITALLICA" and held under the motto “Rise & Shine”.

In the span of just a few weeks, the senior management, led by the Group CEO, David Laux, as well as the COO, Yordan Ginev, visited eight DIGITALL hubs in five countries across Europe in person and met online with two DIGITALL hubs in North America. During this memorable company-wide journey, the leadership team managed to personally connect with over 600 employees, fostering an atmosphere of team spirit and the opportunity to listen to everyone. From the sunny Karlsruhe, via the vibrant neighborhoods of Lisbon, to ancient Plovdiv and to the bustling streets of Sofia, the DIGITALL leadership team traversed Europe, seeking to strengthen the bonds within DIGITALL’s diverse team and provide a sense of purpose and togetherness.

The series of inspiring local DIGITALLICA events brought together employees from different departments and levels within the company to exchange ideas, experiences, and insights and to celebrate shared success and aspirations. The DIGITALL leadership team embraced this unique opportunity to listen and learn, to eagerly engage in dialogue, and to ensure that every employee felt heard and appreciated.

David Laux, comments: “During the tour across our hubs, I had the privilege of witnessing the incredible talents and dedication of our people firsthand. Each one of our DIGITALL Minds, with their unique skills and perspectives, plays an integral role in our collective success. Together, we form an amazing and diverse team, driving innovation and delivering excellence united by a shared vision and goals. I believe that the connections we made and the ideas we shared during the DIGITALLICA tour 2023 will fuel collaboration and cooperation for a bright DIGITALL future ahead.”

DIGITALLICA “Rise & Shine” tour 2023 covered the following locations:

  • DIGITALLICA No.1 - Karlsruhe, Germany
  • DIGITALLICA No.2 - Eisenstadt Austria
  • DIGITALLICA No.3 - Lausanne, Switzerland
  • DIGITALLICA No.4 - Lisbon, Portugal
  • DIGITALLICA No.5 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • DIGITALLICA No.6 - Burgas, Bulgaria
  • DIGITALLICA No.7 - Varna, Bulgaria
  • DIGITALLICA No.8 - Sofia, Bulgaria
  • DIGITALLICA No.9 – US (virtual tour)
  • DIGITALLICA No.10 – Canada (virtual tour)

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DIGITALL is a leading European technology and consulting company, paving the way to the next generation of digital transformation and cloud experience. Its focus lies on digitalization and the protection of customers, employees, and data. With more than 20 years of experience in the global market, DIGITALL offers a wide range of innovative products, solutions, and services in the areas of CRM & Workplace, Data & AI, Cloud & Managed Services, Cyber Security, and Technology Services to securely transform its customers’ core business processes into the digital world. In addition to its extensive portfolio, DIGITALL has strong strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, including Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Cisco and Snowflake.

DIGITALL operates globally and employs over 1,500 people in 28 offices in 13 countries across Europe and North America who work in cross-national hubs.