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The technology company runs a Welcome Back program offering women flexible working hours and remote work opportunities

Frankfurt, Germany/ Sofia, Bulgaria/ Craiova, Romania - March 7, 2022

A program aimed at encouraging women to go back to work after maternity leave or career break is launched by the technology and business consulting company DIGITALL. With the slogan "Welcome Back", the initiative gives women the chance to restart their career in the IT sector by offering them flexible and remote working models in combination with training, assisted onboarding and mentoring.

The Welcome Back program is running in all 27 offices of the company in Europe and North America. The initiative covers job openings in various corporate departments including IT delivery units, marketing, sales, finance, HR, etc., so that women can choose a position depending on their qualification and professional experience.

Within the program, women who re-enter the IT workforce after extended breaks have the opportunity to set up the right framework for them in terms of both variable working hours and location. The Welcome Back program also addresses working women who were forced to stay at home and take care of their children during the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides a flexible working schedule, they can benefit from assisted onboarding, mentoring programs and training aimed to reskill their knowledge at DIGITALL. The initiative aims to further unleash the great potential of women in business and increase the percentage of women in the IT sector.

“Our mission is to encourage qualified and talented women, who have taken career breaks, to restart their professional path and at the same time have an optimal work-life balance. At DIGITALL, they can choose where to work from and create a flexible schedule that works best for them”, comments Delphine Arvengas, Vice President Retail, Consumer Goods and Luxury and Diversity Circle Lead at DIGITALL.

“We women often have to handle multiple roles. So we need to create the right conditions that allow us to manage family life and a career in a successful manner. We do not have to choose, we can do both. I am thankful for the opportunity to manage my time, which allows me to be valuable in all my different life roles.” points out Irina Mavrova, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy at DIGITALL.

Along with running its own Welcome Back program, DIGITALL actively participates in other diversity initiatives such as the Bring Women Back to Work program by Salesforce, which supports women, who have taken career breaks in their journeys, back into the business. Furthermore, DIGITALL has its own Diversity Circle initiative, which is aimed at raising awareness about this and other diversity topics.

You can find further information about the program on DIGITALL’s Welcome Back page.



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