The three companies hosted a webinar on the topic of productivity optimization with Microsoft Copilot and sales enablement.  

Frankfurt/Germany - July 27, 2023

The three companies Microsoft, DIGITALL, and Seismic joined forces to host a webinar on the topic of productivity increase with Microsoft Copilot and sales enablement. The webinar, held on 18th July in German language, enjoyed a high attendance with over 60 participants eager to explore the potential of state-of-the-art GPT solutions to boost productivity and drive sales.

The online event featured five seasoned industry experts who shared firsthand experience in leveraging Microsoft Copilot and sales enablement strategies to maximize productivity. With insightful presentations, the speakers showcased Copilot’s key features and functionalities and explained how businesses can use the tool to increase productivity by optimizing customer experiences, supporting employees in their daily work, facilitating meeting preparations and follow-up communications, and driving lead generation.

The webinar covered three presentations, delving into the core aspects of utilizing Microsoft Copilot's AI-powered capabilities to streamline sales processes and empower sales teams with valuable tools and resources. Key topics covered during the webinar included:

  • “How to optimize your customer experience in Dynamics 365 with GPT Copilot and to support your employees efficiently with Viva Sales” with DIGITALL and Microsoft. A practical guide on using Copilot for AI-generated email content, content ideas, a summary of meeting recordings in teams, lead generation and reducing manual data entry.
  • “A customized GPT for your business” with DIGITALL. A demonstration of how modern OpenAI technology can scan and extract relevant information from thousands of documents, so a business can provide accurate answers to customer inquiries or internal requests. Based on OpenAI, NLP and a reading comprehension model. 
  • “Sales enablement or how to boost your sales to delight customers” with Seismic. A comprehensive exploration of how to equip the entire customer-facing organization with the necessary skills, content, tools, and insights to increase sales productivity and revenue.

“Throughout the webinar, we demonstrated how modern technology and the Microsoft platform approach can be used to optimize customer experience in the future. With the support of OpenAI, communication with customers can become much more efficient and the necessary information can be delivered at the right time, tailored to the customers’ needs and in a secure environment”, commented Marc-Oliver Kaul, Principal Consultant at DIGITALL, who was one of the speakers at the webinar.

The collaboration of the three companies Microsoft, DIGITALL und Seismic in hosting the webinar brought together a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, making it a great example of the power of cooperation and innovation in the modern business landscape. Participants praised the event's interactive format and the value they gained from the presentations and discussions.

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