The company works in close cooperation with universities and takes part in many career events.

Germany, November 2021

As a leading technology and business consulting company, DIGITALL works in close cooperation with universities to give students insights into the everyday working life in the IT industry. The company often organizes and participates in career events to give the young talents a better understanding of their future opportunities.

In order to support the young people in their career decision-making and show them the areas of responsibility of developers, consultants, analysts, etc., DIGITALL regularly takes part in career fairs at universities. Furthermore, these events give the possibility to directly talk to students and introduce various training and development opportunities to them as well as to discuss the options for a career start in the IT sector, either during or after their studies.

Within one month only, in October, DIGITALL's Young Talents team took part in three career fairs, both virtually and on-site, where we had the opportunity to introduce DIGITALL as a trainer and an employer.

"The contact with students during their studies is essential for us because thanks to this communication we can discover what is important for the young talents when it comes to choosing a career, what makes an employer attractive for them and what medium-term and long-term goals they are pursuing," explains Sarah Brüning, Manager Human Resources at DIGITALL. “We, on the other hand, can give them insights into our company and show them that the IT job can be very diverse, depending on where they set their interests and priorities."

DIGITALL also organizes events on-site or virtually on a regular basis with the idea to bring interested students closer to the company as well as to help them network with each other. At these events, DIGITALL experts talk about their careers and the challenges they face in their everyday working life, while the participants have the opportunity to ask questions and thus get to know the professional field better.

"In addition to the career fairs and networking forums, small group events turn out to be a very good option, as students can have deeper conversations with us and with each other. Thus they can get an idea of what it's like to work at DIGITALL and to ask questions that might not have come up at a career fair", adds Sarah Brüning.

At a “Kaminabend” event on October 19, 2021, for example, 14 students met in the DIGITALL office in Karlsruhe and watched a presentation by one of DIGITALL’s IT consultants, while having pizza and pasta. They had the privilege to learn more about his career decisions and path as an IT consultant as well as more details about working with the Salesforce platform, customer projects and IT services.

Students, pupils and juniors who are interested in DIGITALL, can contact us directly at any time to learn more about the possibilities to join us and become one of our young talents.

We offer different options such as working scientifically on IT topics, gaining work experience as a student or joining us after graduation:

- Thesis

- Internship

- Career start

- Working student

- Apprenticeship

- Dual study (DHBW)

DIGITALL's main focus is on IT topics in the areas of Technology Services, CRM & Workplace, Cyber Security, Cloud & Managed Services as well as Data & AI.

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DIGITALL operates on a global scale with over 1,400 employees across 26 offices in 12 countries located in Europe and North America.

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