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Forbes Bulgaria tells the story of a successful entrepreneur who turned an idea into a prosperous business.

Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2021

The respected business magazine Forbes has published an extensive interview with DIGITALL’s CEO Ivaylo Slavov, featuring him on the cover of the September issue in Bulgaria. Tracing Slavov’s path to entrepreneurial success, the article points out that the creation of DIGITALL is one of the most significant news on the Bulgarian technology market. Born from the merger of two successful technology firms, the brand is expanding globally with a main focus on the European market and the vision to become Europe’s digital leader.

As per tradition, the Forbes cover features distinguished personalities with notable achievements in the industry, whose footprint has a positive impact on their business ecosystem. The interview with Ivaylo Slavov reveals interesting facts about his career path and the challenges he has faced along his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. The CEO of DIGITALL is given as a good example of how to grow an idea into a prosperous business operating on a global scale with over 1,400 employees across 25 offices in 11 countries.

The beginning

Ivaylo Slavov graduated from the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria and started working as a currency swaps trader at SEB Group in Germany. His journey in the world of Information Technology began, when he did a project with their client, the IT company Unisys. In the several years that followed until 2008, he worked at Unisys, Microsoft, and PC-WARE. Slavov then returned to Bulgaria and after a while became general manager of Adecco.

The foundation of BULPROS and its business growth

In 2010, Ivaylo Slavov founded BULPROS and the technological company started to grow rapidly, exceeding 100 employees in the second year of its existence and doubling its revenues year after year. Following Ivaylo’s philosophy the company started acquiring other companies in addition to growing organically. As a result, BULPROS became one of the largest IT companies in Bulgaria with an impressive portfolio of six acquisitions within less than 10 years.

The merge into DIGITALL

According to Ivaylo Slavov, this was the right time for the next level, namely doubling the business growth within four years. "There's a rule in business that if you can't grow organically, inorganic growth doesn't solve your problem," Slavov says. "No one has become successful that way. We want to grow organically at double-digit rates and acquire companies to help us grow." So, in the spring of 2021, BULPROS and the German consulting company ec4u joined forces and announced that they were embarking on their next growth phase together under the new brand DIGITALL, with Ivaylo Slavov in the position of CEO next to David D. Laux as COO.

The CEO of DIGITALL explains that combining the broad portfolio of BULPROS and the large customer base of ec4u, especially in Germany, provides a solid foundation for future success and growth. The company aims to become the digital leader in Europe and also to continue expanding its business in Asia and the USA. “We need to keep up with all the new trends such as shared services, 5G and the Internet of Things to help customers from different industries to be competitive in the digital world” indicates Slavov as the key to remaining relevant on the market.

At the end of his interview for Forbes, Ivaylo Slavov points out that businesses need to show others what can be achieved and also to create examples that are useful for entrepreneurship’s development.

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We are DIGITALL – a digital leader born from two technology and business driven consulting companies with more than 20 years of success and experience on the global market. By joining forces, we deliver the next generation Digital Transformation & Digital Cloud Experience to enterprises. We digitalize and protect customers, employees and data. Our customers rely on us to transform their core business processes in a secure way in the digital world.

DIGITALL operates on a global scale with over 1,400 employees across 26 offices in 12 countries located in Europe and North America.

In addition to building a competitive portfolio, our team of expert employees has established strong relationships with strategic technology partners, including Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, Snowflake, Zuora etc.