The two companies hosted a webinar where three experts delivered insights in a discussion on „The Sustainability and Subscription Business: A Perfect Match.“

Frankfurt, Germany/ Sofia, Bulgaria, March 24, 2022

On March 17, the technology company DIGITALL and the leading provider of cloud-based subscription software Zuora hosted a joint webinar devoted to sustainability and subscription business. Three seasoned industry experts joined the event to share their perspectives on how companies can be sustainable and successful by switching to subscription business models.

Frédéric Demierre, Senior Vice President Growth and Strategy at DIGITALL, Axel G. Heyenga, Director Industry, Strategy, Manufacturing, Automotive & Retail at Zuora and Yann Carré, Leader of Rent at Decathlon took part in the panel discussion on „The Sustainability and Subscription Business: A Perfect Match“. During the webinar, the three experts provided profound insights into how organizations can assess the potential for circular business opportunities and what key pricing strategies can help businesses monetize the value they create, making them viable and able to scale. The panelists discussed new circular subscription-based innovations that companies are embracing to ensure their continued growth and relevance, amid climate-conscious consumers.

As part of his talk, our colleague Frédéric Demierre explored the topic of how the subscription economy and the circular economy can boost each other and shared his view that companies can create a win-win situation by coupling both models. He stressed the fact that sustainability and environmental responsibility are no longer a “nice to have” option, but have already become an economic imperative. In this regard, Frédéric commented, that subscription business models are a clever approach to improve resource utilization and build a more sustainable global economy. He furthermore talked about the key performance indicators (KPIs) used by DIGITALL to measure the success of subscription-based business models.

“The successful implementation of subscription models depends on many factors such as good planning and the right strategy, the integration of systems, the orchestration of data, and the in-depth knowledge of all processes as well as the ability to work in a team. Switching to a subscription-based model is a transformation process that affects almost every aspect in a company and that is why it is of critical importance that all stakeholders are willing to take this journey”, said Frédéric Demierre.

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As a Zuora certified partner, DIGITALL supports companies with the migration and implementation of Zuora’s cloud-based subscription management platform by offering end-to-end services including consulting & design, configuration, integration, implementation, change and performance optimization. DIGITALL offers a broad suite of solutions to integrate the platform into a complete customer experience environment including CRM, marketing, customer service or traditional commerce.

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