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Visitors now have access to informative content such as videos, use cases, studies, references, whitepapers and more.

Frankfurt/Germany, August 18, 2022


DIGITALL has recently published its Media Center on the company’s website to give visitors a central platform with useful information that can be downloaded or streamed. Together with the DIGITALL Galaxy Blog, the Media Center will be a hub for informative content regarding digital transformation, innovative references and use cases as well as helpful tips and best practices for companies that are on their way to becoming digital champions.

"With more than 1500 employees, we have a big pool of know-how which we want to share with our customers, partners, and other stakeholders", explains Frédéric Demierre, Chief Growth Officer at DIGITALL. "That's why content such as factsheets, whitepapers, webinar recordings and blog articles is of such value. The Media Center is the perfect place to keep everything in one place, so it's easy to find what you're looking for."

Since the official website launch in July 2021, DIGITALL has been continuously expanding its digital presence by developing its website content, adding partner landing pages, starting the DIGITALL Galaxy Blog as well as managing multiple social media channels to share information and news. The Media Center is another step forward to creating an information ecosystem for customers, partners, and stakeholders and to adding value by sharing knowledge.

"We work with clients who want to digitize their business, which is a challenging endeavor", Frédéric Demierre comments. "It is crucial to take these steps informed. That's why we offer content that helps to gain a first perspective on best practices, on successful use cases, and on market trends to look out for."

Take a look at our new Media Center here:




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