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Relaxed at work: 5 simple things to lift your mood

Sep 27, 2023 by Juliane Waack

Not every day at work is a happy day, so, what are small but effective steps to relieve stress and increase your overall well-being?

Expert interview: Cyber Security Trends & topics for 2023 and 2024

Sep 20, 2023 by Juliane Waack

What are current trends & topics that impact and drive Cyber Security technology & measures in 2023 and beyond? Our expert Deniz Tourgout has the answers.

The future in AI: facts and stats about artificial intelligence

Sep 13, 2023 by Juliane Waack

We collected some interesting studies about artificial intelligence, generative AI, machine learning and how companies are using them.

Fighting Transformation - The Psychology of Change

Sep 6, 2023 by Juliane Waack

Why are some people so resistant to change and what can a company do to increase acceptance and gain their stakeholders' trust?