Information Security Policy

Our Information Security Policy (ISP) is aligned with Digitall Nature business strategy, local regulations and legislation and contractual requirements. The main goals of this policy are:

  • Ensure provision of the needed resources for development and implementation of effective ISMS
  • Ensure employees and other parties are aware about their responsibilities and obligations in regard to information security
  • Ensure information security is considered in all internal and external projects
  • Minimize the information security risks which can cause loss or damage to Digitall Nature, its clients, partners and other interested parties.
  • Ensure continuity of Digitall Nature business processes
  • Ensure compliance with standards, contracts and legislative requirements

This Policy is applied to the entire Integrated Management System (IMS), as defined in the IMS Manual. Users of this document are all employees of Digitall Nature. Relevant external parties (clients, suppliers, partners, contractors) are also target audience to the extent of topics related with them.

You can report security incidents to [email protected].