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For innovative stakeholder management through digital solutions

One of the biggest challenges in the Healthcare & Life Science industry is managing and caring for numerous different stakeholders with different needs and interests, bridging the gap between analog and digital platforms and adhering to numerous legal and other requirements when it comes to data.

DIGITALL offers solutions that connect systems and processes, deliver AI-driven individualized journeys and fulfill all compliance and legal requirements for data transparency and safety.

You can profit from efficient processes, a better management of all your stakeholders and gain control over your and your stakeholder's data.

Enable healthcare providers, organizations and patients with digital platforms that offer smart 24/7 self-service options and mobile solutions, tailored to their needs. Manage and automate information and marketing campaigns and connect your systems for data transparency and efficient processes.

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Our Healthcare & Life Science Solutions

Processes for
Life Science Suppliers

We enable pharma and chemistry suppliers to manage their customers and provide them with transparent and relevant information on the right channels.

Our solutions for suppliers:

  • Long-term development agreements
  • Tracking of fulfillment vs. plan
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier portal
  • Medical documentation

We offer healthcare providers and organizations the right solutions for marketing, sales, service and commerce digitalization.

Enable your sales representatives with mobile digital solutions and optimize your commercial effectiveness. Implement digital solutions that can be used both online and offline without any loss of information. Our closed-loop marketing solutions help you connect your campaigns with your sales results to identify optimization potential.

Further solutions for HCPs and HCOs:

  • Compliant education
  • Innovative offerings

Create engaging, informative patient journeys with our digital solutions. From engagement to integrated care solutions to patient portals and service centers - our experts help you implement and operate new ways to communicate with your patients and create positive experiences.

Further solutions for patient journeys:

  • Pay-for-success
  • Hospital on- & offboarding

Innovative value-added services for health insurance providers that create customer engagement and loyalty through reward programs, integrate the necessary systems and offer digital solutions such as digital health records for more transparency.