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For personalized digital experiences that turn your customers into advocates

Digitalization and new regulatory requirements are posing new challenges for financial service providers. But at the same time, they also create new opportunities.

With ever more demanding customers and growing competition, you can take the lead by offering highly individual, AI-driven customer journeys across all channels.

Leverage DevOps services, outsourcing and Managed Services to support your data and system operations. Implement Business Intelligence solutions for future-proof decision-making.

With globalization and digital transformation increasing the complexity of security and compliance measures, finding the right solutions can secure your digital financial services, protect data and meet compliance and legal regulations worldwide.

As a leading provider for digital transformation & cloud experience in the financial services area, we empower you to become a digital leader providing personalized banking journeys for your customers on a global scale.

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Banking Solutions

Digital Journey for Banking Services

With DIGTALL you can create and optimize AI-driven personalized customer journeys across all channels by using banking-specific solutions for sales and marketing, commerce & service. Our experts will help you set up the right systems, processes and support you with a customer journey management strategy.

We will assist you in identifying and setting up the right channels and connecting them for a seamless experience. By leveraging customer data and artificial intelligence, we enable you to personalize automated processes for a highly individual customer experience that is in line with your brand.

Automate your digital processes to scale resources and increase the efficiency of sales and marketing. Benefit from a variety of modern solutions that can be seamlessly integrated in your system, for lending, cards & payment.

Furthermore, create customer-centric self-service options that use artificial intelligence (e.g. chatbots) to enable your customers to help themselves.

We will support you with the conceptualization, implementation and integration of data, systems and processes. You can rely on us for everything from core banking integration to the implementation of agile BI to take your decision-making to the next level.

We apply traditional and agile approaches to manage projects, taking into account the specific aspects of the financial industry such as regulations, data management and IT security requirements. Our nearshore development centers can help you expand your technology capabilities, expertise and resources.

Our financial services clients protect their data and users with innovative cyber security services & solutions to enable their digital journey and be compliant with regulations.

Our offerings for the financial services industry include security awareness trainings, Security Operation Centers (SOC) and implementation of a collaboration security platform for safe digital workplaces. Our solutions and services will help you protect your customer and business data, test and optimize your security measures and train your employees to avoid phishing and mitigate internal security risks.