Environmental Policy

Digitall Nature top management declares and has personal commitment and responsibility to accomplish the following general environmental objectives:

  • Complete acceptance and following the principles underlined in the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard
  • Continual improvement of the performance of the Environmental Management System (EMS), through environmental protection activities in the process of design, development, deployment, and support of IT products and services within the EMS scope of implementation and determined company context
  • When there is an opportunity, to support and encourage business and corporate clients to operate in a manner that is sustainable for the environment, by providing appropriate software products and IT services, as well as managing related risks
  • Creating and establishing conditions for monitoring the impact of climate change as a result of the IT business activities
  • Achievement of the environmental policy objectives, which provide framework of specific environmental targets
  • Complete meeting of the needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Implementation of environmental protection activities, including prevention of negative environmental impacts caused by IT products and services of the company, as well as by administrative activities
  • Compliance with all applicable Bulgarian laws, regulations and international standards related to environmental protection and obligations under the contracts with customers and interested parties
  • Enhancement the qualification and development of human resources to achieve the environmental protection objectives

Management of the company has the responsibility to require all managers and employees, and if necessary, by specific providers and suppliers to Digitall Nature, to be familiar with this policy.

We will continuously seek opportunities for improvement using specific indicators for the achievement of environmental objectives.

This policy will be a subject to annual management review for its adequacy and suitability, as well was published on the website of the company to be accessible for interested parties.