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Harness the power of your data

In today’s era of big data, enabling data-driven decisions and automation is crucial to running a successful business. However, the ever-changing customer requirements and system complexity hinder the decision-making process in marketing, sales and service and poses many data-management challenges to organizations. The key to effectively overcome these challenges and make the best use of data is to have a smart data strategy.   

We are here to help. Our data strategy experts at DIGITALL will show you the potential of intelligent data use and provide you with a proven roadmap to harnessing the power of your data. We offer an end-to-end portfolio of services starting from data & BI assessments through concept design and implementation to final roll-out and training. 

Today’s big data challenge

Customer expectations: Customers expect companies to provide relevant and personalized content and offers that optimally address their changing needs and do not treat them as anonymous customers. 

Data complexity: Analysts and managers spend much of their time collecting and preparing data, and only a small amount of time analyzing and interpreting data to optimize the customer experience.​ 

Contact points explosion: Whereas just a few years ago there were 2 contact points, today consumers use an average of 5.6 contact points for direct interaction with companies. Each contact point generates countless data that should be used at all contact points (omni-channel). ​ 

Data strategy and data management infrastructure: There is often no definition of which data and KPI are relevant and how they can be collected (tracking, monitoring) and bundled (data silos). Data quality and consistency are usually in need of optimization. In addition, there is often a lack of analytical tools and the necessary infrastructure for automated analyses and reporting.​ 

Embrace data-driven excellence

Decision making

How data-driven are we in management and at the operational level in making decisions, tracking their impact based on data and thus learning from data for the future?​


Which processes could we optimize or automate internally and for our customers if we had the necessary data available in the appropriate quality? 

Data strategy

Do we have a data strategy that defines the relevant data-driven use cases in marketing, sales and service and prioritizes them in terms of impact and effort?


Which internal and external requirements result from the prioritized use cases? ​

Current situation

What is our current situation in terms of data availability and quality, technological and analytical capabilities, and data processes to implement the prioritized data-driven use cases?

Data-driven capabilities

How can we anchor the further development of our data-driven capabilities on the IT side (data infrastructure, data management) as well as on the business side?

Data governance

How can we establish data governance that at least complies with the various international legal requirements and our corporate values?

Transformation process

Does a structure exist that actively supports the transformation process to a data-driven enterprise?​

Let’s demystify data strategy together

Based on an initial assessment of your company’s digital maturity, we develop a smart data and analytics concept that empowers the data-driven transformation of your business. As next steps, we support you with the implementation of the data solution within your organization and provide continuous support regarding generation, preparation, analysis and optimization of data.   

Our end-to-end portfolio of data strategy services provides a holistic approach to business growth and operational efficiency and is aligned with your specific requirements and objectives.  

Our Data Strategy Services


We derive function-specific data use cases based on your corporate, digitization, marketing, sales, and service strategy/goals​. 


We conduct a status quo assessment of your data & BI management by analyzing and evaluating technical, systemic, and organizational dimensions. This step helps you align your long-term goals with actionable insights, fostering a data-driven culture that supports sustainable growth and innovation. 

What is being analyzed?​ 

  • Data systems​ 
  • Dataset​ 
  • Analytical maturity​ 
  • Data usage (1st, 2nd, 3rd party data)​ 
  • Data management and governance 


Based on the initial data & BI assessment, we develop smart data and analytics concepts and models for the realization and implementation of function-specific strategic data use cases.​ 

What is conceptualized?​ 

  • Data use cases and business cases​ 
  • Target picture of data-driven business​ 
  • Requirements for systems, data, data management/​ governance and analytics​ 
  • Prioritized implementation roadmap 


We develop data architecture and measures for the implementation of the data use cases (data sources, modeling, templates, visualization, etc.) ​ 


As a next step, we help you to define your organizational requirements regarding ownership, governance, capabilities, organizational structure and process organization, etc. and also support you with the development of a solid data strategy roadmap​. 


In the final step of the data strategy process, we support you with implementation of the data solution (infrastructure, analytical concept, MVPs, etc.) and empowerment of your employees through appropriate training.​ 


Do you want to get a deeper understanding, have questions, or want to discuss specific use cases? We are here for you.

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