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Digital Transformations are a great enabler for growth and profitability but create other challenges for companies. The attack surface is becoming larger and impossible to control and secure with standard reactive mechanisms. Working from home boosted the use of uncontrolled devices from uncontrolled locations and rendered standard protection methods insufficient.

Adopt a pro-active approach, raise your security maturity and provide your business with the protection it needs to operate and grow while complying with customer expectations and government regulations.

Increasing visibility is key, not only amongst IT systems and platforms but also in people’s minds and behavior. That’s why we offer a portfolio of products, solutions, operations and support services and consulting expertise, to help customers address all these challenges.

Our Cyber Security portfolio is designed to secure business data, communication, collaboration, employees, and customers and to enable all of you to achieve that in an easy and effective way.


The increased use of collaboration platforms like MS Teams, Webex Teams, Zoom and others has opened yet another attack surface. We now share confidential, business, private and any other data over channels we barely used before. And we don’t have the profound knowledge, experience, and technology to handle it quickly. Our collaboration security portfolio helps customers address these issues simply and powerfully, so they can regain control and visibility without compromising user experience and efficiency.

  • Collaboration protection
  • Email security & management
  • Content-driven security
  • Easy & strong encryption
  • GDPR process management


No matter how good a company's security is, it won't be able to prevent an unaware employee from opening malicious content. Because of their vulnerability, employees are the most common target of hackers, turning them into a critical security weakness. By training employees to recognize and avoid threats, raising their awareness, and constantly updating their knowledge, you help your company and make people the next layer of defense against malicious activity.

  • Security awareness trainings
  • Phishing simulation
  • Continuous security education & assessments
  • Machine learning security analytics based on user behavior


Deploying, maintaining, operating and using multiple security technologies is one of the biggest challenges security teams face today. Acquiring the technology without the necessary people and expertise often renders it ineffective or even unusable. Our MSS portfolio is designed to enable customers to reap only the benefits of high-quality cyber security solutions without the need to invest and develop expertise.

  • Security Operation Center - SOC
  • SOC as-a-Service
  • SOAR as-a-Service


Security goes beyond just technology. Planning what, how, when and where to secure and protect is very important and should take place before the implementation of technological solutions. Our consulting services help companies understand their cyber security maturity level, identify areas of improvement, prepare the right rules, processes and procedures and validate them regularly, not only to ensure compliance but also to respond to the dynamically changing world.

  • Posture assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Security maturity check
  • Security consulting


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