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DIGITALL delivers Digital Transformation to industries to grow their business sustainably. Disruptive times have increased the need for a 360° transformation of the customer journey and experience with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the central building block.

The constant changes in the way we work and the digitalization of workplaces require business models and cultures to change as well. Be closer to your customers and give them more flexibility, which megatrends like Direct-to-Consumer models as well as subscription models already allow you to do.

With AI-based customer intelligence and cloud-based technologies, we offer you Customer Relationship Management (CRM) both as a platform and a strategic concept for a better understanding of customer-centric processes and communication.

Additionally, we bring smart, personalized workplaces to employees. Connect with colleagues across the globe, be mobile on all devices and use Artificial Intelligence for smart reporting and forecasts.


Today's businesses can only thrive if they deliver outstanding customer experiences. With AI-driven personalized customer journeys for marketing, sales & service you can reach your customers at the right time, with the right message and through the right channel. We offer you industry-specific solutions and help you create a seamless 360° experience across all channels.

  • Industry-specific solutions for sales, marketing, commerce & service
  • Customer journey management based on leading CRM solutions
  • 360° customer journey & experience
  • AI-driven personalized customer journeys
  • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategies and solutions
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Omni-channel management
  • Lead generation & management


Empower your employees with the right tools, platforms and information to work effectively and reach their goals. With fully digital workplaces, intelligent process automation, cloud-based solutions and the use of AI, you can meet the demands of New Work models, help your teams collaborate and customize dashboards for the individual needs and goals of your employees.

  • Employee efficiency through digital workplace & process automation
  • Fully managed digital workplaces
  • Collaboration solutions
  • Portals & communities
  • Workplace security


Modern ERP solutions take your business growth to the next level. Our solutions are not a one-size-fits-all approach. They are carefully curated and tailored to the unique needs of your organization. This enables the complete optimization of your operations and finance.

An ERP solution eliminates repetitive processes, streamlines business flow, and makes the entire function easier and more efficient. It provides users and equips managers with the tools they need to create more accurate forecasts. Reporting is made more customizable and data security is based on the highest level of compliance standards.

  • Operations optimization
  • Product transformation
  • Customer engagement
  • Employee empowerment


With our data platform services, you can unlock your customer data and identify business potential. We support you with the integration and operation of your data in your systems and processes for transparent reporting, personalized customer journeys and smart forecasts. Realize the highest business value by using AI-driven data analytics and innovative BI solutions for marketing, sales, service and commerce.

  • Unlock your customer data potential with data platforms
  • Empower your customer journey with data & system integration
  • 360° customer insights
  • Customer analytics & BI strategy
  • Design & implementation
  • Data storage and integration
  • Visualization & self-service


Cloud-based technology helps you bring more flexibility to your employees, reduce data silos, and create opportunities for connecting systems and services for 360° operations.

Increase operational efficiency by using customizable managed services to optimize effort and investments. Standardize operations across office locations and benefit from collaborative tools and applications.

  • Operations & management for Customer Experience Cloud
  • Office 365 operations & support
  • Data intelligence & BI managed services
  • Customer Experience DevOps


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