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Today, the use of cloud-based services and technologies is essential for the successful digital transformation of every business. However, due to legacy systems, lack of flexibility, visibility and control, the adoption of cloud technologies has turned into a difficult, complex and unpredictable task for enterprises.

At DIGITALL, we believe in the Smart Cloud approach - analyzing, planning and adopting cloud technologies in a way that fits our customer's individual needs and use cases.

The proper approach can help you leverage cloud technologies to improve and optimize your business results. This includes everything from evaluation to the adoption and spanning operations and support, which differs from traditional IT operations and support services. With the Smart Cloud we deliver added value to our clients and enable them to benefit from new business opportunities and to achieve sustainable growth.


With our cloud transition portfolio of services, we support our customers on their cloud journey, whether they choose public, private or hybrid cloud technologies. We know that transforming a company’s IT, applications, business model and processes for the cloud is anything but a simple task. That is why we have developed expertise and best practices for planning, adopting and operating the cloud so you can take advantage of cloud technology without dealing with its complexity.

  • Enterprise cloud strategy
  • Cloud migration services
  • Cloud experts & architects


It is easy to consume services in the cloud, but managing them could be much more complex. Our services are designed to help you run your workloads in the cloud in a secure and optimized way. To build an SLA-oriented service, we combine our technical expertise with the right set of tools and processes. In this way, we ensure that your workloads use the right mix of available cloud delivery models and guarantee that your business needs are met accordingly.

  • CloudOps as-a-Service
  • DevOps as-a-Service
  • Multi-cloud management and orchestration


By providing expertise, management and support, we enable you to introduce new technologies to your on-premises environment in a professional, fast, optimized and efficient way. With our IT Managed Services you can improve service quality and user satisfaction, reduce risk for your organization, achieve business growth, accelerate adoption through flexibility, and optimize costs through a consumption-based model.

  • Unified communications as a Managed Service
  • Microsoft 365 services
  • Infrastructure as-a-Service
  • Cloud-in-a-box


Are you overwhelmed with solving support incidents or customer enquiries? DIGITALL support services allow you to outsource tasks and non-core activities to experienced specialists. They offer a unique combination of flexibility, experience, attitude and quality, and focus on a KPI-oriented methodology to provide an enterprise level service to you and your employees. Our support is available in different languages, 24/7 and with delivery models based on your requirements (full outsourcing, managed services, custom-tailored).

  • 24/7 customer care and L1 support services
  • 24/7 XpertIT support services
  • Back-office services
  • Data services


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