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At DIGITALL we don’t just deliver technology – we deliver the future! We are explorers, knowledge-hunters, tech geeks, problem solvers and game changers who want to inspire and be inspired. Our DIGITALL people are always one step forward: working with top-notch technologies, creating innovations ahead of the market trends, sharing the passion for discovering better ways.

As a human-centric organization, our teams are built on mutual respect and open communication, allowing everyone to be authentic, express ideas and unleash their potential. We are proud of our DIGITALL bright minds and never stop developing their skills to keep pushing boundaries together and do what we love.

DIGITALL operates on a global scale with over 1,500 employees across 28 offices in 13 countries located in Europe and North America.


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Core Values


Trust & Responsibility

We act in a trustworthy and responsible manner. We communicate openly and transparently with everyone. We put words into action and keep our promises. Each and every one of us takes responsibility.

Excellence & Teamwork

We are committed to excellence and teamwork. We strive to achieve the best results for our customers. To do so, we collaborate together as a team and support each other. We empower our people to do a great job.

Individuality & Diversity

We respect individuality and cherish diversity. We appreciate, tolerate and attend to the needs of every single individual. At the same time, we are committed to our success as a team. As an international and multicultural company, we are united by the strengths of our diverse team and environment.

Innovation & Growth

We embrace innovation and growth. We are creative and like to explore new fields. We experiment and strive for the best result. We think out of the box and our approach is geared towards progress. By releasing our potential, sharing knowledge and experience, we drive our own and the company's growth as a healthy organization.

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